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5 Drum Mixing Tips

Drums can be a mess to mix if you’re a beginner. It is easy to drown out the sound of the other instruments on the track or get a muffled recording that is lacking any real oomph. But don’t fret. Mixing drums can be painless with a few tips and trick from the pro. The [...]

Learning the Parts of Your Drum Kit

Learning to play the drums is fun and building your own personalized drum kit is one way drummers can amp up their experience. Drumming takes a lot of time and practice to become great but neglecting your drum set can hurt your playing over time. Before investing thousands of dollars into a new drum set [...]

Drum Music for Kids

Drumming is not something that is reserved for only adults. Kids can and should be encouraged to let a little of their energy out by playing the drums. Children are naturals at beating the drum with rhythms some of us drums pro would never dream of. If you’ve gotten more than an earful of your [...]

10 Things About the Djembe

The djembe is not something you’ll find in your everyday drum kit but this drum definitely has earned its place in the drumming world. Originally from West Africa, the djembe has become a part of the global community. African drumming has gained a lot of attention these days so it is not surprising that djembe [...]

Top 5 Drum Solo Tips

Playing the drums with friends can be fun but sometimes the drummer can feel like the odd man out even if they are the backbone of the rhythm section. Drum solos are one way the drummer can shine during a performance. Before jumping into your next drum solo take a look at some of our [...]

Beginner Drum Beats

So you think you’re ready to become a drummer? Buying a drum kit is a good start but definitely will only get the new drummer so far. Many drummers find out the hard way that drumming is not an easy instrument to pick up and play. It requires dexterity, timing, hand-eye coordination, and lots of [...]

Kodo Brings Taiko Drumming Stateside

Drumming can take on a new life depending where in the world you are performing. It seems that cultures around the world have an affinity for drum music and the right beat can capture and take hold of any audience. For many countries a drum kit with all the frills of a snare, tom, cymbal, [...]