Beginner Drum Beats

So you think you’re ready to become a drummer? Buying a drum kit is a good start but definitely will only get the new drummer so far. Many drummers find out the hard way that drumming is not an easy instrument to pick up and play. It requires dexterity, timing, hand-eye coordination, and lots of practice to drum like the professionals. But don’t let these factors discourage you from drumming. Beginner drum beats may seem too simple or basic for a new drummer but rest assured, these baby steps will help develop a solid drumming foundation. Taking the time to learn the basics of drumming is key.

Beginner Drum Beat

Know Your Drums Like the Back of Your Hand:

I love a good drum kit. The snare, high hat, and tom have always been my favorite parts. Still, before I even laid down my first drum beat I learned each and every part of my drum kit and you should also. Knowing the different parts of a drum set will make drumming much easier in the long run. It is important to know what a properly tuned snare drums sounds like or when to adjust the drum pedal. Little details like these can greatly impact your drum’s quality of sound. The worst thing any new drummer could do is to guess their instrument is in working condition without looking it over.

Start With the Basics and Build:

Drum solos are cool but all drum solos are only possible by mastering the basics. Drumming can seem tedious in the beginning, learning drills and techniques over and over again. These drills help build a drummer’s stamina which is important when playing a long set or show. Advanced techniques rely on a drummer knowing basic techniques before they can be consistently used. While baby steps may seem tiresome, these little steps will add up to one awesome drummer.

Know Your Limits:

Drumming can be a real work out especially for a new drummer. Knowing when to take breaks is key so you don’t hurt yourself. Taking a break during practice will help any drummer stay motivated and give their body a much needed rest. This is especially true for new drummers learning to play Rock, Punk, or Metal drumbeats.

Try Out New Sheet Music:

Contrary to popular belief, drummers use sheet music too. Having a new drum songbook on hand can help motivate any drummer to play. Sheet music can help new drummers get comfortable playing basic drum patterns. These drum beats can even be expanded and altered based on your taste. Just because the drum sheet music says one thing doesn’t mean you aren’t free to make alterations. Beginner drum sheet music is an essential for a new drummer that wants to increase their drum skills.

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