Drum Music for Kids

Drumming is not something that is reserved for only adults. Kids can and should be encouraged to let a little of their energy out by playing the drums. Children are naturals at beating the drum with rhythms some of us drums pro would never dream of. If you’ve gotten more than an earful of your child’s drum music and are ready to help them hone their skills, we have a great collection of drum sheet music for kids. With drum sheet music your child can learn to refine their drumming while playing along to some of their favorite drum songs. You never know, they could even become a drumming prodigy.

It is important to introduce your children to sheet music early, especially when they are just beginning to learn to play drums. Sheet music will help them learn song structure, dynamics, and timing more easily. A new drummer can also learn to play basic drum patterns with sheet music. Basic drum patterns are simple and enable young drummers to get used to holding the drum sticks properly. Familiarizing a child with the drums can be a fun process when sheet music is added. Sometimes playing drum patterns over and over again can become dull.

Adding basic drum music with CD accompaniment can help make learning a new song fun. Drumming becomes more enjoyable when there is music to drum along with. Let your child pick some of their favorite songs from a variety of genres. Even the most complicated drumming patterns can be broken down into smaller pieces for a new drummer. Be sure to pick drum music your child will enjoy that is also at their skill level.

New drummers can take a while getting used to practicing drum beats. Good drum reference books will ensure young drummers get a strong foundation in the basics of drumming. These books will help them learn the anatomy of a drum kit, proper posture when playing, how to play beginner to advanced drum patterns, and more. Learning to play the drums is great for kids when they are prepared with the right learning tools.

Not sure what drum sheet music is right for your child? Before you jump in be sure to check out our selection of beginner drum sheet music. These drum songbooks are filled with beginner notation for drums so children can learn to play the basics before they advance their skills. We have more challenging songbooks for children ready to tackle upper level drum music.

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