Learning the Parts of Your Drum Kit

Learning to play the drums is fun and building your own personalized drum kit is one way drummers can amp up their experience. Drumming takes a lot of time and practice to become great but neglecting your drum set can hurt your playing over time. Before investing thousands of dollars into a new drum set be sure to find out what you need. Not every drummer is going to utilize their high tom or snare drum so buying drum parts you won’t use is a waste. What is the best way to learn about a drum kit before you commit to the purchase?

1. Test Out Drum Sets at Music Stores: Music shops are great because you can play with almost any instrument you can get your hands on. This makes buying a new addition for your drum set easier since you’ll have the opportunity to try it out. Drums can be tricky things to purchase especially when an online description has no way of describing the sound you’ll get when playing it. Getting to play on the real deal will make it easy for you to determine what drum parts you want to add or remove from your drum kit.

2. Tune Your Drums: Tuning drums is the easiest way to get the feel of them and it helps improve the overall sound. It will help you further customize the sound you want and define your drum’s voice. Learning to tune your drums is a skill that requires ear training but it definitely pays off.

3. Play Different Genres of Drum Music: Playing different genres of music will get you out of your comfort zone and help you learn to use different parts of your drum kit more creatively. Is your music a little too snare heavy? Give yourself a break from routine and work on incorporating lesser used parts of your drum kit into your playing. This will give your drum music a more well rounded sound overall.

4. Take Your Drum Kit Apart and Clean It: Drums can get pretty grimy if you play them consistently. Taking your kits apart for a thorough clean every few weeks will enable you to inspect it for damage and be more familiar with your drum set. Normal wear and tear may not appear noticeable but can definitely alter the sound of your playing if it is not managed.

What are some of your tips for familiarizing yourself with drums? Share them with us today!

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